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Aruca Zhang

3 years experience in graphic design and UX/UI design with composite skills. I’m passionate about creating unique and functional mobile application interfaces and visual designs that help businesses develop their brand identity.

Proficient with Adobe XD, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Trilingual in English, Mandarin and Japanese. 

UX Portfolio: Welcome


Eco-friendly APP Design

Design a credit exchange store

Frequently utilized by my clients, this service has been essential to success on many occasions. Along with my unique professional perspective, this service has helped clients reach new heights and gain more significant influence through their projects.


BabyGO Redesign

My experience as a product designer and e-commerce operator at BabyGo gives me a chance to engaging user experience and build a better product from both user and business aspect. Assigning to the UI redesign project, my research result shows that the check out part was the most unsatisfied part. By adding delete and edit payment and address information features, users turn out to trust the product more than before and purchase rate is showing an upward trend.


Bestco Online shopping

WeChat Mini App

I designed high-fidelity prototype for Bestco Fresh Foodmart. Bestco is a Asian supermarket located in Scarborough and the targeting end user are Asian consumers. The app offers both online order and in-store pick-up options. I also designed several types of sales engaging events, for example, coupon wallet, inviting new user to get coupon, logging for points



Web Redesign

To redesign a very complex warehouse management system, I define the biggest challenge for this project is that users wouldn't like to learn to use a brand new product, but the old version could not adapt to the new online shopping feature since the old version is a completely offline PC application. I had to understand the old user flow and journey map clearly and to adapt this flow into new designs as much as I can. The product is also responsively designed so that users can easily use it cross different platforms.

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